If I asked you the following question, would you be able to answer me truthfully, enthusiastically, and without hesitation?


Does your past dictate how you perceive yourself today? Or do you see yourself in terms of your biggest, wildest dreams and who you want to become as a human being?

The truth is that you are a limitless, powerful being, but...

The story that you tell yourself about who you are influences how you perceive yourself today and how your life feels and looks like overall. And that story can facilitate your progress to the next level in your life, or it can severely sabotage your journey.

I'm here to help you change the narrative that you keep playing to yourself every day, over and over again. And more...

You see, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are not truly powerful until you acknowledge and reclaim your spirituality, which is a higher power within yourself able to manifest whatever your heart desires. As a spiritual being, you are aware that your life is governed by a higher purpose that gives you a sense of meaning. You know that when you honour that calling, you feel complete, energized, inspired, and fulfilled.

Who I Work With


Does this sound like someone you would like to become?

I work with people who inspire me...

through their story

​and their authenticity.​

Those who battle internal fears

in addition to external pressures

on a daily basis,

but keep going


because they know

they have something to fight for.

Those who seek freedom

far away

from the shackles of life's "shoulds"

and know that the place to start

is within.

Those who want to make this world

a better place

by first reaching

their full potential

and sharing their gifts

with the rest of us.

Those who long to

build their own truth,

dissolve any fear that holds them back,

and move forward with courage

in all their vulnerability

and transparency.

Those who know

how far the ripples travel into the world

when they give their all

and transform their own life.

Those who want to be

the best they can be

for themselves

and those around them.

Those who are more afraid

of not following their dreams

than spend their life wondering

what could have been.

Those who are brave enough

to take the road less traveled

and pave new roads for themselves and others

if need be.

Those who know that

living an inspired and fulfilling life

is the way

to lasting happiness and peace,

and a source to spread that energy

far into the world

for a better place

for all of us to live.

And if you feel you're not there yet

but want this to be you,

that's why I'm here

to help you see that you are more powerful

than you thought you were.​​

Who I Don't Work With


Personal transformation won't happen if you're not 100% in. My coaching is not for you if you're not ready to...

  • Change

  • Open up to your spirituality

  • Commit to your journey

  • Show up to each session fully prepared and engaged

  • Be open, authentic, and vulnerable

  • Get in touch with your feelings

  • Do the work

  • Be accountable

  • Get out of your comfort zone and take potential risks

  • Take charge of your life

  • Persist in the face of obstacles

  • Prioritize your choices over other people's opinions

Will you stand up for yourself?

Will you dare to experience each day as the powerful being that, deep down, you know you are?

My cousin and I (right) taking (unexpected) risks and enjoying them to the fullest! Awesome moment that made our life adventure memorable.

Taking the road les travelled.

Basking in the infinite possibilities.

The limitation of the horizon is where we decide to see it.

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