Giving the Universe the Right Instructions

February 9, 2018


So you've learned about the Law of Attraction. You've watched The Secret. You've read books and articles on the trend.


And you think to yourself "Great, less work for me! All I have to do is ask and visualize, and let the Universe do its job!"


It sounds pretty awesome, right?


And most of it is true.


But I'd like to take you a step further so that you can manifest something deeply powerful, not just surface stuff.


Let me illustrate this through examples.


A couple of years ago, I set myself up to manifest my soulmate relationship, a job that pays super well, and a home where I'd feel peaceful. Here were some of my criteria:



Soulmate Relationship:

Someone who...

- brings the best out of me

- loves and understands me for who I am

- helps me grow and thrive as an individual

- supports my dreams

- makes me laugh every day

- enjoys having intellectual conversations with me


Well-Paying Career:

A job that...

- pays super well

- is prestigious


Peaceful Home:

A place to live that...

- provides ease of transportation

- is quiet, safe, loving

- feels full of positive energy



In a matter of months, I had manifested all of that and even more. Every day, I'd set aside at least thirty minutes to visualize my ideal life; I even put up a vision board on my wall.


Fast-forward a few years, I am still with the same person (now engaged) and still live in an awesome home. But my jobs changed several times.


Did you spot the difference between my criteria by category?


My visualization criteria for a soulmate relationship and a peaceful home focused on the emotion - how I wanted to FEEL. Notice that I didn't wish for a hot guy with a six-pack or a mansion in particular (although I did get the hot guy).


And during visualization, I'd experience the feelings I was seeking in obtaining the soulmate relationship and peaceful home. That is, I'd make myself feel peaceful, loved, understood, excited, even for just a few minutes. But when it came to my career, I'd visualize myself swimming in a pile of money, wearing a suit, and giving prestigious presentations to board members.


And although I did manifest all of the above, what brought me true fulfillment was my soulmate relationship and peaceful home. Because I FELT my way to them. The money and prestige came with the jobs, but that didn't satisfy me long-term, because I focused on the surface stuff - the stuff that didn't really matter to me; the stuff that, on the outside, appeared to be successful but had no true value inside.


So how do we manifest something that we really, really want?



Lesson #1 - Feel Your Way to It


If you want your manifestation to be truly successful in bringing you something that you value, focus on the FEELING.


Whenever we wish for a new change, home, car, job, relationship, vacation, or anything else, what we truly desire is the feeling that we think will emerge once we obtain all of that.


The emotion is more powerful than the thought.


For example, if you want to own a house in a prestigious neighbourhood, but deep down you feel that you could never afford it, the energy of the Universe responds to the feeling.


It's like the Universe says "So, uhm, I'm a little confused. You're *saying* you want the house, but what you're *really* telling me is that you don't want it because you're focusing your energy on your inability to have it. So I'm gonna wait it out here until you're decisive; just holler at me when you're ready. Meanwhile, I'm delivering a lack of house because I'm really confused here with your mixed signals."


Aim for the feeling. Visualize what you want, but better yet, feel it in your core.


How does it make you feel driving that awesome car?

How does it make you feel waking up every single say with clarity and a sense of purpose?

How does it make you feel having a loving family?

How does it make you feel making full use of your potential in life?


Allow yourself to daydream every day! Let yourself get carried away by the feelings of having it all!



Lesson #2 - Ask the Right Questions


When you ask the Universe...


- Why isn't this working out?

- Why is she treating me like that?

- Why can't I be confident?

- Why do things never work out for me?

- What did I do to deserve this life?


...the Universe lovingly responds to your questions.


The Universe always answers to what you focus on.


So when you ask "Why?", the Universe loves you so much that it will show you "why".


It happened to me a lot when I used to date. I kept asking "Why can't I find someone who brings out the best in me?". And I kept getting challenging relationships. Because my energy was focused on "I can't find someone who brings out the best in me". And so, the Universe was delivering challenging relationships so that I can get my answers to why I was attracting those types of relationships. I had to learn about boundaries, self-worth, confidence, and what I was truly seeking in an ideal relationship.


But we don't have to go through fire all the time in order to find answers to our questions.


The point to remember is that the Universe always responds to what we focus on, so it becomes very important how you formulate your questions.


A better alternative would be to ask in the following format:


- What would it take for me to be happy?

- What do I need to know to have a successful business?

- Which energy do I need to become in order to attract a positive outcome?

- What person do I need to become in order to live on purpose?

- What do I need to do to find my soulmate?

- Universe, I choose to own a peaceful house. Show me the way.

- Universe, I choose to let go of my fears. Show me the way.


And the Universe will happily deliver all the ingredients you need to get there.




Lesson #3 - Do Your Part


Once you've done all the asking and feeling, it's time for you to listen to your intuition, heart, or gut feeling - whichever way you prefer to call it - and do the work.


You'll receive hunches to take certain steps, a person may show up to help you, someone might gift you a book on the topic. Coincidences and synchronicities happen. You meet the right person. You're in the right place at the right time.


When the guidance comes knocking at your door, you need to be prepared to open the door and do the work to uncover the answers.


That may involve emotional commitment, mental shifting, physical action, and financial investment.


I see a lot of people holding back from following their guidance to make a change in their life because they're afraid to invest money in themselves. The answer lies on the other side of the door within their reach, yet they focus on the if the money was more important than their dreams, more important than their life. And then they believe that the Universe is a cruel place because they didn't get what they wanted.


The Universe wants to help you assess by yourself how much you want something. And often it will lead you to a place where you'll be asked to take a leap of faith. For many, this leap of faith involves financial commitment because many of us have psychological blockages around money that cause us fear and worry. Not because the Universe sucks, but because a) it wants to help you get over your fears, and b) the value that you get back will surpass the financial investment.



My wish for you is that you realize how powerful you are in designing the life that you desire.


My wish for you is that what you want is worth fighting for and that you stick around for the magic to happen.





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