F*ck It! - A 'Non-Spiritual' Approach to Let Go Energetically

February 19, 2018



Recently, a client told me that, for a spiritual person, he expected me to be more laid back about taking action and having a structure in life.


This got me thinking. And I realized that a lot of the books and other online resources depict spirituality in this calm, gentle, transcendent way - almost care-free way in some cases, which can become quite intimidating if you feel there's a long way for you to get there and adopt such a state of being.


For some people, this works perfectly. But for some, the leap is too great.


Imagine a small lake. Your goal is to jump from one end of the lake to the other. You end up not jumping because the jump is too big and you feel likely to fall into the water. But what if there was a huge rock in the middle, and now all of a sudden it feels very possible for you to jump on the rock and then from the rock to the other side of the lake? Pretty sure you'd do it.


It's the same way with making changes in life. If the leap is too great, the fear overcomes us so powerfully that we get paralyzed and don't move from where we are. But if there is some sort of smaller jump involved, a baby step, we'd be more willing to do it because now it seems manageable and possible.


So I asked my angels how I could help you take a baby step towards letting go of fear...physically and energetically - especially those of you who aren't into 'meditation and that kind of spiritual stuff'.


When negative feelings or thoughts take over you, tell them to F*CK OFF!


This doesn't mean that you're careless. It means that you are instructing your mind to choose not to focus on the negative spin of the situation, and that you trust that everything will be alright in the end. This also instructs the Universe that you mean business - that this is something that has no place in your life.


Most of all, it dissolves resistance. And in the absence of resistance, you can take a breather and allow things to unfold in the best way possible for you.


Say it as often as you need to. Say it every time a gremlin tries taking over your mind.


And who would I be if I didn't practice what I 'preach'?


I tried it, and it works wonders.


I kid you not, it took me thirty minutes of laughing at myself while saying 'F*ck it!' to let go of the worries in my head physically and energetically. And the results lasted until the next day...and the next day....and the next...and the next...without coming back in full swing.



But here's a catch.


You have to say it as soon as you become aware of the negative thought or emotion to stop its momentum from gaining power.


Here's another catch.


You are not exempt from taking action in your life.


The 'f*ck off / f*ck it' approach can help you manage your thoughts, feelings, and energy.




You still need to call the bank to settle your payments. You still need to confront your boss. You still need to speak your truth to your partner. You still need to discipline your child. You still need to apply for that job that you want so bad it terrifies you. You still need to take that leap of faith. You still need to make that healthy change. You still need to make a decision and commit to it.



So, to continue with the awesome tips I got for you from my angels, combine the 'f*ck off / f*ck it' approach with the following two actions on a daily basis, and you'll be a master at managing those pesky fears:


When you wake up, set the emotional tone for your day and challenge yourself to honour it throughout the whole day.


Here are some examples:

- gratitude

- joy

- fun

- creativity

- freedom

- love

- helpfulness

- compassion

- excitement

- energy


Let's say you choose love as your theme for the day. When unwanted thoughts and emotions try to take over, remind yourself that your focus today is love. Perhaps you want to remember how much you love your health, your partner, your home, your job, your opportunities, your family. Perhaps you want to love someone today so you pick up the phone and invite them for coffee to show your appreciation. Negativity isn't congruent with love - that relationship simply doesn't work. Your goal is to do anything that brings you back to a state of love - which is the promise you made to yourself in the morning.


Can't choose a theme? Write a bunch of themes on pieces of paper, fold them, and put them in a jar. Each day, randomly pick a piece of paper from the jar and focus on that theme. See? No excuses!


Challenge yourself each day to experience 30 minutes free of worry


If you can't seem to overcome a recurrent thought or emotion, give yourself a challenge to enjoy yourself for thirty minutes. Put an alarm on your phone and take care of something, such as doing some work or reading a book. Keep reminding yourself that this is your time for your mind to take a breather, and that if the thought or emotion wants to come back, it's only allowed when the thirty minutes are up.


If you stay committed during these thirty minutes, chances are that you dissolved the momentum of those negative thoughts and emotions, and they will have lost power by the time the thirty minutes are up.


Even better, do chunks of thirty minutes free of worry throughout the day!



If you've read this far, thanks for sticking around for the good stuff!


My wish for you is that you own your power every single day!





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