30 Side Effects of Loving Your Body

April 25, 2019


On March 30th this year, I was in hiding. I told my close ones not to contact me. I put my phone away.


I turned 30 years old.


It was a very important day for me physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. And the best way to celebrate this milestone was to pamper myself and review my growth up until this year.


As I was journaling that day, I realized that one of the best things that ever happened to me was learning how to love my body.


The first time I ever became conscious of my body was around the age of 10 or 11. The kids were making fun of me for being hairy. I was so self-conscious; I was always trying to hide my legs and my arms. Not too long after, I became self-conscious about my weight. The boys and men where I grew up favoured physical slimness in women. Many women in my life back then, who were my role models, were constantly "on a diet" and talking about how much they disliked cellulite and their "extra weight" (they were slim, by the way). Bread was the most dangerous food and comparison to other women was routine in the chit-chats.


I wasn't overweight, but I started feeling "fat" and "not good enough" for the next decade and a half.


I was constantly fighting myself. Comparing myself. Devaluing myself.


I was in a really toxic relationship with myself.


It was a long struggle, experimenting with different ways to come to a place where I could accept and love my body.


After all, our body is the vessel through which our soul can live and fulfill its mission. And its ours in this lifetime, so might as well learn how to love it, yes?


And if you're still not convinced, here are 30 reasons to love your body that I've personally experienced:


  1. Closer communication with the body, allowing you to appropriately provide for its needs

  2. Healthy hair

  3. Healthy skin

  4. Healthy nails

  5. Healthy metabolism

  6. Balanced physical weight

  7. Emotional balance

  8. Mental clarity

  9. Accelerated healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

  10. Stronger immune system (reduced chances of getting sick)

  11. Increased confidence

  12. Increased sense of gratitude and compassion

  13. Increased sense of inner peace

  14. Increased joy

  15. Increased resilience in the face of changes, obstacles, and challenges

  16. Increased emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual strength

  17. Openness to feedback and criticism, and accelerated integration of learnings

  18. Feeling that you are enough

  19. Increased sense of boldness and risk taking

  20. A sense of appreciation for your own existence

  21. A deep sense of appreciation for all that is

  22. Unshakably standing up for yourself in the face of adversity

  23. Speaking your truth openly and unapologetically

  24. Increased intuition and connection to your heart and inner wisdom

  25. Increased ability to be in flow with your body's cycles and capitalizing on its energetic fluctuations

  26. A sense of wholeness and completeness

  27. A clearer sense of who you are and why you are here

  28. A deeper sense of love of self as a whole, and seeing beauty where you couldn't before

  29. Higher vibe, more authentic relationships and friendships

  30. And last, but not least, sharper ability to distinguish between what you really want and what others convinced you to think that you want...


...hence my raven tattoo in the photo. Fifteen years in the making.


But there's a whole magical story about the raven on my arm...I might write about it in a new blog - stay tuned :)





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