29 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

April 5, 2018


I turned 29 last week [insert party music here]!


Twenty-nine years on this planet - in this lifetime, that is. Packed with lessons, heartbreak, success, growth, pain, and celebration.


The most part of my teenage years were spent in anxiety and depression.


You see, many people thought I was one of the coolest, happiest, luckiest, quirkiest girl. I can tell you I had (and still have) a very loud laugh, and make the most out of every situation.


But if you're in tune with your intuition, you can probably sense from the picture below that I was trying to hide something else. (Anyone remember the webcam selfies and MSN Messenger days?)



For many years, I'd dread the day of my birthday because it wasn't a moment of celebration to me, but rather a reminder that I was just getting older without having found yet my place in the world.


Don't get me wrong - I had lots of friends and tons of fun! I succeeded in everything I set my mind and heart to, and beyond.


But I saw the world as a cruel, unhappy place - a place of constant struggle.


When I decided to embrace myself fully, gifts and flaws and all, a gateway to a whole new world of infinite possibilities opened up for me.



So I'd like to share with you 29 lessons I wish I knew about life when I was younger, hoping that they serve you as they have served me along the years:



  1. There's always a bigger picture. Anyone who hurt you is your teacher-in-disguise. When it's time, and when you're ready, you'll both learn which role you played in each other's lives and how you helped each other's souls grow.

  2. Failure is what you decide it to be. Ultimately, there are no failures, only opportunities to grow. So try everything that you want to explore!

  3. Your sensitivity isn't a weakness - it's your strength. It's called intuition and it's helping you see the unseen.

  4. You don't have to change for the world; the world will change for you.

  5. While you cannot change the past, you can choose your future. You have the power to create your own reality. So what reality do you want to live?

  6. Care more about shining your light bright and less about making sure your make-up's on point.

  7. You're not here to save the world; everyone is capable of doing that for themselves. You're here to serve the world through your gifts. You're here to be YOU and inspire others to be THEMSELVES through love.

  8. Love is the way - always. Yes, that includes self-love.

  9. Self-love isn't selfishness. When your cup's full with love, you can then pour love into other people's cups.

  10. Concern yourself less with finding the ideal career and more with what makes you feel alive with love, meaning, and clarity.

  11. Happiness is an inside job. What did you do today to generate happiness from within? Your significant other isn't responsible for your happiness. Nor are your parents. Nor are your friends. Nor is the money. It's YOU.

  12. What you resist, strengthens. Invest your energy cultivating emotions that feel good instead of suppressing or banishing painful emotions.

  13. You don't always have to do, do, do. Magic happens in the moments when you least expect it, in the moments when you allow yourself to trust and be in flow with the Universe. So give yourself permission to relax and allow.

  14. The only person who has to believe in you is yourself. Not your parents. Not your significant other. Not your friends. Sure it helps if they do, but it is not a requirement. The only requirement is YOU.

  15. You're always stronger than you think you are. Trust me, a year from now - when you look back - you'll know.

  16. Do the things that scare you the most - they will get you what you want deep down.

  17. Every challenge is a reflection of aspects of yourself that you deny or resist. Every challenge helps you understand your power and your purpose. Rather than curse the darkness, watch it and learn about yourself. That's when you have true power to shape your reality.

  18. There's no one else quite like you. Spend less time comparing yourself to others or against some unrealistic expectation, and more time embracing your uniqueness for that is your gift to this world.

  19. You can't change someone. But you can embrace your own change and inspire them to transform.

  20. The process of manifesting something in your life is more fun, thrilling and adventurous than getting the thing itself, so enjoy the journey!

  21. Your words have the power to affect lives, including yours. So use them wisely.

  22. You shift the world by being YOU, and there's a reason you're you. Stop wearing masks and stop holding back!

  23. Learn the language of the Universe; there are no coincidences. So pay attention to all the signs, synchronicities, red flags. The Universe is talking to you at all times through its own language, and it's your responsibility to discover it.

  24. God is in you, not outside of you. Look within and you'll find all the answers you seek.

  25. Home is not defined by a specific physical territory. Home is where YOU make it home.

  26. Intuition isn't a special gift that some special, selected people have. Everyone has spiritual gifts waiting to be uncovered. We are all special. We are all unique. We are all essential in the bigger picture.

  27. Don't be afraid to FEEL the full spectrum of emotions. Allowing yourself to cry and release your emotions is one of the best services you can do to yourself to heal and move on.

  28. All you need is belief to create miracles. Don't worry about the how. Believe in your ability to figure things out as you go. Take a leap of faith. Jump. You have everything you need within to succeed.

  29. Tremendous power lies within your heart. When you shut yourself off, you're preventing yourself from tapping into that power and living a truly wonderful life. Always love for that is true power.







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