I believe you were meant to wake up every morning feeling ALIVE and on purpose, and live an amazing life that knocks your socks off, it's not even funny.
Do you?


Anything short of that tells me that you're not living to your full potential.

If something in your life doesn't bring you a sense of joy and meaning, or if you spend your days with fear, you are not reflecting your true essence into your life. What you came here for. Your deepest mission.

So what story holds you back from living to the heights of what you're truly capable of?

Change your story, change your life.

Imagine yourself inside a bubble that's inside another bubble. The first bubble that encompasses you is made up of the story that you tell yourself about the human being that you are - your mindset, your (limiting) beliefs about yourself, your attitude, your habits, your relationships, your choices, your emotions, your actions, your past, and so on. The second bubble that encompasses the first bubble and you is made up of the story that you tell yourself about how life works in general - whether the world is a cruel or loving place, whether some people are lucky while others are dealt an unfortunate hand, whether success requires sweat and tears, and so on. The second bubble is bigger and higher; it contains your spirituality and the laws of the universe, or, in other words, how the universe operates at an energetic level (for example, the Law of Attraction). Reclaiming your spirituality involves reconnecting with your intuition and understanding how the universal laws impact your life. Outside the second bubble is the reality that you've created for yourself. In order to change that reality, you need to change elements within the first and second bubbles at a foundational, energetic level (mental, emotional, behavioural, spiritual). When all these elements are aligned with your authentic self or your deep essence, the bubbles "burst" and you can clearly see and live the reality that you truly want and that serves your highest good. No more barriers. No more confusion. Just you in flow with the universe manifesting an awesome life. But it all starts with you, deep within you...

You're a powerful creator of your own experience, but sometimes I have to remind you of the power that you hold within to set your heart and spirit free.

Coaching can help you get to a place where you recognize and acknowledge what's holding you back from becoming the person that you want to be and the life that you want to live. And I can bring that different perspective that you need to move from doubt to clarity.​


A perspective rooted in human psychology, the laws of the universe, and guidance from Spirit, for a 360 degree picture.

The more you know yourself, the better equipped you are to make wise and authentic decisions. The more you understand yourself, the more healing and alignment you allow in your life.

There's a difference between reading an inspirational book or an online quote, and actually having someone there to guide you based on your specific needs and lift you up. If you've gotten to a point where you feel there's much more in you that you can give to the quality of your life, yet don't know how to get from here to there on your own, that's when I come in.

What can you expect out of your transformational coaching experience?
  • Clarity: I will help you reach new levels of focus, understanding, and confidence in who you are, why you're here and what's really important to you. I will empower you to move from doubt to clarity and meaning through a deeply open, loving,inspiring, and authentic relationship.

  • Alignment: I will consistently empower you to hold yourself accountable to live up to your values and who you want to be.

  • Up-leveling: I will help you see what an amazing being you are by challenging the way you're thinking and behaving, and helping you dissolve the low standards that you have set for yourself, all while helping you pave the way to new levels of happiness, fulfillment, and success.

  • Healing: I will help you learn how to heal by equipping you with tools and teaching you how to open yourself up to the unlimited source of healing energy within you.


Coaching can be that one thing that helps you set yourself free from mediocrity and change your life in deep, lasting ways like never before.


Will you choose to stand up for yourself?

You don't have to do it alone...



My clients are ready to invest their time and energy to transform their life in deep, powerful ways. They show up determined and fully open to take life to the next level.

If you're ready to embark on this journey, connect with me here to request a powerful conversation.

Reiki & Intuitive Guidance

Everything is energy. In these sessions, we work at a foundational level (energy healing) to release from your body, mind and heart what no longer serves you and heal areas of yourself (and consequently your life) that are longing to evolve.


These sessions are very unique and specifically tailored to every client. No session is the same, even with the same client. These sessions include intuitive guidance from Spirit, energy healing (Reiki), guided meditation to access the subconscious for healing and clarity, integration of light and shadow aspects of self, and teaching of approaches and tools for self-healing beyond the session.

What can you expect? When a booking is confirmed, your energy gives me permission to receive information and guidance from Spirit about your situation. Before you even arrive, I receive this guidance from Spirit and will share it with you during our session. Such guidance can include information about past lives that are relevant to what you're going through (and what we need to do to release them so that they no longer affect this lifetime in a limiting way), your blockages or challenges, areas in your body that need energy healing and why (e.g., how the "stuck" energy is influencing your life and what you want to achieve), where to guide you in meditation in order for you to receive what you are ready to receive in that session, a description of the spiritual team with you who wants to make themselves known and inform you on how to work with them, and much more. You describe your situation to me (why you came to see me) and what your desire is regarding this situation. We will then help you release old energy and heal. During the session, various messages may come through from Spirit, which I will share with you. These messages can include requests for me to teach you something specific so that you can take care of yourself after the session, exercises, guidance on beneficial actions to take moving forward, and much more.

Reiki & Intuitive Guidance sessions are done in person or live online with audio and video.


Transformational Coaching


We work together at an emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual level to let go of what doesn't serve your highest good and develop healthy and authentic approaches that support your journey. We clarify what feels true to you and develop the strategies, perspective, mindset/heartset, and energy to support that vision into fruition.


Coaching sessions are done in person or live online with audio and video.

Oracle Card Reading


With the help of oracle cards as well as directly channeling Spirit, I intuitively relay guidance from Spirit (e.g., your guardian angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, Archangels, departed loved ones/ancestors, past lives, etc.) so that you can gain clarity, peace of mind, peace of heart, and confidence in your actions and decisions. Spirit is able to see the bigger picture and gently guide you towards the best life that your soul wants for yourself. My approach to spiritual guidance is done in a coaching style. Therefore, expect information that helps you get to know yourself at a deeper level and empowers you to make informed and wise decisions so that you can create a present and future for yourself that feels fulfilling.

Oracle Card Reading sessions are done live online with audio and video or by e-mail.

Dream Interpretation


Have a dream that's been bugging you, caught your attention vividly, or looping in your mind? I can help you decipher it.

Dreams are not just random pictures put together in a story by our brain based on what we experience in "real life". They carry healing, insights and guidance from our subconscious and Spirit. The brain is like a translation device; it will use what it is capable of to convey a message (aka symbolism), hence why they often do not make sense at face value. In a dream interpretation session, I will help you unpack your dream so that you can get in touch with what you are supposed to know.

Dream Interpretation sessions are done live online with audio and video.

Home Energy Clearing & Healing


Our homes are not just a space that takes care of our physical needs; they are also an oasis that is intended to help us replenish our energy and feel safe. They are not only a space that needs to be maintained physically; they are an incubator that feeds us emotionally, mentally, spiritually. This incubator also needs to be maintained energetically.

Think about you constantly emanating a cloud of chemicals into your environment. When you're worrying, arguing, fighting, stressed, gossiping, and similar "negative" activities inside your home, you "pollute" the space with a cloud of dense smoke. Eventually, it will become, metaphorically speaking, hard to breathe, and your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health will suffer down the road. In addition, by continually inhaling that type of energy, the seeds you plant in your life will (or will not) grow based on polluted soil and pesticides.  However, when you engage in daydreaming, fulfilling activities, loving thoughts and gestures, self-care and similar "positive" activities, you infuse your home with a cloud of essential oils. The home will feel like a spa oasis in which you can rejuvenate and plant healthy seeds in your life that will beautifully bloom.

In a Home Energy Clearing & Healing session, I clean the accumulated energy in your home and replace it with an infusion of healing energy. I will also share with you guidance that I receive from Spirit specifically for you to improve the vibration of your home. If the session is done in person, I will also intuitively guide you on the influence that the colours and object placements in your home have on its overall energy and, consequently, how it influences you.

Home Energy Clearing & Healing sessions are done in person at your home or from distance (I connect to your home remotely).

Energy Healing Paintings


In an energy healing painting, I tune into your energy and paint in watercolour a message for you from Spirit and its frequency. The painting is infused with high vibrational energy to help you absorb and integrate the message and its accompanying healing. Every painting is unique for each individual and is accompanied by a typed message. If you'd like to check out samples, please visit my Facebook or Instagram pages.

Connect with me here to book your session or painting now.

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