Patrick Mathieu, Certified Coach Trainer

I had the pleasure of training and certifying Andrada as a coach practitioner.


During the course of the training, we worked together on some one-on-one exercises. While she was coaching me, I found Andrada to be a natural! She has incredible intuition and uses it very effectively with her clients. 


Since then, I have used Andrada's services to help me gain insights and clarity. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone who is ready to go deeper with their lives.

The word on the street has it that Andrada is...




Always trying other ways to help interpret and appreciate life








Crystal Clear







a Magician

Mike Posadas, The Colour Guy

I started working with Andrada last week and I have to say that I am very impressed!!

I didn't know what to expect, but being open to new experiences I wanted to have a reading. Andrada helped me connect with my guides and guardians, plus she made the experience very comfortable and safe. She was very professional and even had prepared some information for me before we started. I felt really well looked after.


Andrada not only helped me, she empowered me!


We talked about manifestation, exploring new things, the Law of attraction, nutrition and different energies all while guiding me through personal challenges.


I highly recommend reaching out to Andrada because she is able to pass her wisdom in an easy to understand way and it's clear that she is very passionate about her work. Andrada has sent me valuable information and affirmations to help me work on healing myself which I am very grateful for. She is very intuitive and positive which is why I recommend you get in touch.


I've been skeptical in the past, but Andrada quashed that skepticism because what she said made clear perfect sense.

Thank you so much Andrada. You are amazing!!!

I am deeply grateful for the experience and looking forward to working with you again XOXO

Alberto Tihan

Besides her passion which is very much obvious in her online videos, what inspired me to work with Andrada is her honest, pure, and sincere approach.


She exceeded my expectations. I was truly impressed with her knowledge but most importantly with her dedication and passion.

What I like best about working with Andrada is her ongoing search for answers and methods. She doesn't stop at the first roadbump, but continuously finds creative ways to explain and help me "see the light".

Since I started working with Andrada, my life has changed in several ways. I am a lot more dedicated to my goals and passions. While I was very much aware of my goals before, now I feel more committed and empowered. I feel like Andrada woke me up from a zombie sleep-walking through life. As a result, I started and launched the beta version of my film marketing platform and started pre-production on a feature film!

The most important thing that people should know about working with Andrada is that she is probably more passionate about your success than you are yourself. I'd recommend Andrada to anyone and everyone. If I were a director or CEO, I'd hire Andrada for my entire team to empower my team and make sure they are happy where they are and they know where they're going, and reach their full potential at work and in life.

A big THANK YOU, Andrada, for believing in me from the very beginning and for showing me what I couldn't see. And most importantly, for helping me believe in myself.

Now I wake up every morning excited to "get to work" and progress towards my goals!

Sonia Di Maulo, Global Leadership Innovator

In December 2017, after following Andrada's journey since we first met in June 2014, I was inspired to help her raise funds to help a stranger get a much-needed surgery.

Engaging and interacting with Andrada was joyous, calm, thought-provoking, emotional, and confirming. Many emotions in only one hour!

Every thing we discussed was exactly what I needed to confirm my path ahead.

Thank you Andrada...your words still have impact. And I look forward to continuing to learn from you and with you.


I feel less empty. I feel light.


I feel zen! After the session, I was a little more assertive at least once, so it's a start!


I find it fascinating how you answer or confirm so many little or big things that I have been thinking about. For example, I was looking for a tea to help me sleep, and you show up with a bag of tea! I find the lavender tea helpful.

I read through your documents [written energy assessment and intuitive guidance] many times! I also wanted to write on my board in my room some sort of list to read everyday, your document was the inspiration I needed!

Thank you again so much!


In one session, you gave me more things to think about than the two sessions I had with the shrink.

I wanted to work with you because you were able to feel how I was even if you were far from me. You helped me realize that if I don't work on myself, I will stay where I am and never bloom in life. I'm thankful that whenever we interact I'm not feeling judged and that you are helping me no matter how much work I need.

Why is it so hard for people not to judge? I really appreciate not being judged when I talk to you.


Thank you for all your help.

Karan Dev, Kinesiologist

(English translation below)

Nos conversations m’ont donné une ligne direction. J’ai de plus en plus le contrôle de ma vie personnelle et professionnelle. Contrairement dans la passé, je donne difficilement le pouvoir aux autres de décider pour mon bonheur.


Ton questionnement me pousse tellement loin dans ma réflexion qu'à un certain point je me sens ‘’bloqué/figé’’, mais c’est là que la magie se passe. C’est à partir de là que mon travail de réflexion commence vraiment. À ce moment là que je cherche mes solutions et les prochaines étapes pour arriver à mes objectifs.

Depuis nos convos, j’ai réussi à atteindre de nouveaux seuils dans ma vie personnelle, familiale et professionnelle.

Ta curiosité, ton énergie, ta patience, ta confiance et ton sourire sont tous contagieux. Ce sont des qualités qu’on recherche dans une personne à qui on se confie pour recevoir de l’aide/coaching.

Tu es une magicienne! Tu es capable de nous emmener dans un autre univers, là ou il y a que moi et mon « inner self ».


Our conversations gave me direction. I have more and more control of my personal and professional life. Unlike in the past, I hardly give the power to others to decide for my happiness.

Your questioning pushes me so far in my thinking that at some point I feel ''blocked/frozen'', but that's where the magic happens. It is from there that my work of reflection really begins. At that moment I am looking for my solutions and the next steps to reach my goals.

Since our convos, I have managed to reach new thresholds in my personal, family and professional life.

Your curiosity, your energy, your patience, your confidence and your smile are all contagious. These are qualities that we look for in someone we trust to receive help / coaching.

You are a magician! You are able to take us to another universe, where there is only me and my inner self.


Empowering, imaginative and positive are three words I'd use to describe sessions with Andrada.


Andrada encouraged me to imagine a future. Days after our first session, a close family member was admitted to the hospital, yet I felt oddly serene, like I could place my trust into the universe. This feeling was directly a result of my conversations with Andrada about faith and trust.

Andrada created a safe space where I could imagine a future that gave me hope. Through empathy, she helped me feel understood, and she also gently challenged me to reevaluate beliefs that were creating guilt and sorrow.


I'm very grateful to Andrada.


Connecting with Andrada was incredible. She has such great energy and inspiration from the angels. I recommend everyone to do a card reading with her to get to know themselves better. It's a way to open up to the world and be prepared to face any challenges life may pose, to heal and to move on.


Thank you for a lovely reading/coaching Andrada!


Andrada is a pro in my opinion.


As a life coach, she really listens to you before she helps you find out what the real problem is and why you are not going to the next level in your life.


I always thought my success will eventually knock on my door and say "Hey, you struggled for a long time. Here I am!"


But I realized it's not like that. Since working with Andrada, I've seen changes in my life and I'm actually a happier and more peaceful person.

Thank you, Andrada.


Andrada and I met in class a few years ago and I noticed early on that she had a sense of calm collectedness about her. She was easy to talk to and very friendly. We got back in touch when I was seeking out professional advice from individuals who have worked in my field. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Andrada was launching her own life coaching practice. I had no doubt that she would succeed at this; she is compassionate, a great listener, and has a talent for giving perfectly timed valuable advice. 


Some things I learned from Andrada include the importance of keeping space free of physical and energetical clutter, keeping living plants and pets to improve the quality of my everyday life, and taking care of myself first so that I can more effectively take care of others in my life. 


Speaking with Andrada is easy and comfortable. She is very smart and has a unique approach. Most importantly, she has integrity and is seeking out the greater good for the sake of the people she works with.


I would highly recommend that you support yourself by working with her. 


I chose to work with Andrada because I was in need for a change; I had no motivation to look for a job and advance my career.

I was at first doubtful that there was anything new that she could tell me that I didn't already know. Fortunately I gave it a serious try and I could feel the change in me and around my personal space after the sessions.


I liked the fact that she helped me focus on what was important. Getting the coaching with Andrada has made me realize how important it is, if you are to make progress, to stay focused, especially on what is important to you. I also realized how important it is to have goals made for the next day! It makes having them and completing them into a more accomplished day, and an accomplished day is a really happy day.


One more thing that I found having a big impact was the "vision board" project - designing a vision of who I want to be and how I want to experience life, and using it as a daily reminder as I went about my life. I was thinking of doing one for years; I even had a large piece of carton ready to design something on it but it never came to being completed. Somehow...somehow the one I have accomplished during my coaching time with Andrada brought back some of my creative side and my dreaming side. Our talks have brought to the front of my consciousness what I would like to put on my vision board; I had a clear image of what I wanted it to be about. I don't think I would have ever created it if it wasn't for our talks and the questions - some that required hard thinking. I don't think I would have ever seriously embarked on creating it.

One thing that people should know about working with Andrada is that the sessions are really catered and designed to work with and for the client; it isn't a cookie-cuter stick! There are so many things that will come back to the front of your consciousness - realizations, ideas, hopes, dreams that one used to have but chucked away because making money is given more importance in society so that one looks important. We are not made to work to exhaustion! We are made to experience our life on Earth and caring for it so that others who come after us will care about it too.

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